Email Copywriting Workshop by Josh Earl

Email Copywriting Workshop

How to Write Entertaining, Educational Emails That Your Subscribers Will Love... And Make More Sales Without Spamming Your Subscribers


The Email Copywriting Workshop is an intense, 4-week training focused on giving you the skills and confidence to write entertaining, educational story-based emails that are a perfect fit for YOUR audience, YOUR business and YOUR voice.

I'm designing this workshop to address the questions and concerns that I hear most often, like:

  • Where do I get ideas for my emails?
  • What do I say in my emails to keep my subscribers engaged—to keep them opening and reading my emails?
  • How do I include a pitch in my emails without sounding sleazy or spammy?
  • How do I come up with stories to use ?
  • When is it appropriate to talk about myself in my emails—and how can I do that without coming across as self-centered and obnoxious? 
  • How can I write emails that sound authentic?

This will *not* be an "information dump." 

There are lots of great books and courses out there about email copywriting approaches and email marketing tactics.

I learned the hard way that more information actually got in the way and made it harder for me to write good emails.

The focus of this workshop is simplifying the process so you can take immediate action and actually start to write better emails and make more sales. 

What's included?

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Ready to Get Moving? Start Here
Important Info — Watch This First...
18 mins
Here's How to Claim Your Complimentary Copy Critique ($500 Value)
3 mins
Copy Critique Certificate.pdf
69.4 KB
Module 1
Email "Beats" and the SLP Formula
53 mins
Critique #1 - Email Beat - SharePoint Course
5 mins
Critique #2 - Email Beat - Internet Marketing
3 mins
Critique #3 - Email Beat - Real Estate Appraisal Reviewers
8 mins
Will Following the SLP Formula Make My Emails Boring and Predictable?
8 mins
38 Sample Email Beats You Can Model For Your Emails
15 mins
140 KB
Module 2 - Story
Story Tip #1 - Find Better Stories by Understanding Your Audience
9 mins
Story Tip #2 - Digging for Stories with "Extreme" Questions
11 mins
How to Find and Tell Great Stories
(1h 08m 58s)
Critique #4 - Email and Blog Post - HoloLens Development
15 mins
Critique #5 - Excel for Architects
16 mins
Critique #6 - Internet Marketing Email
12 mins
Critique #7 - Fitness
13 mins
Story Tip #3 - Must Every Email Be An Epic Story?
11 mins
Story Tip #4 - Storytelling Resources for a "Deep Dive"
12 mins
Story Tip #5 - Bring Your Characters to Life
8 mins
Module 3 - Lesson
How to Educate Your Subscribers Without Killing Your Sales
53 mins
Example Email #1.rtf
8.04 KB
Example Email #3.rtf
2.88 KB
Example Email #2.rtf
3.9 KB
Critique #8 - Game Development "Nurture" Email
20 mins
Critique #9 - HoloLens Welcome Email
15 mins
Critique #10 - Scheduling Software
13 mins
Module 4 - Pitch
Module 4 - Example Email.rtf
5.12 KB
Critique #11 - PowerPoint Presentations
18 mins
Critique #11 - PowerPoint Templates.rtf
5.24 KB
How to Pitch Your Product Without Selling Your Soul
51 mins
Critique #12 - Stock Trading.rtf
3.82 KB
Critique #12 - Stock Trading
13 mins
Critique #13 - Virtual Assistant Training.rtf
4.91 KB
Critique #13 - Virtual Assistant Training
12 mins
Critique #14 - Health and Wellness
17 mins
Critique #14 - Health and Weight Loss.rtf
5.76 KB
Bonus - Questions & Answers
"I Haven't Emailed My List in Over a Year. Help!?!"
11 mins
Blog Posts vs. Emails vs. Videos: What Content Should I Put In Each?
10 mins
What About "Newsletter" Style Emails?
7 mins
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