Behind the Scenes of a Six-Figure Email Course by Josh Earl

Behind the Scenes of a Six-Figure Email Course


Here's What You Get

  • The full, uncut recording of the the "Behind the Scenes of a Six-Figure Email Course" training (~2.25 hours)
  • Full text transcript of the training for note-taking and reference
  • Full copy from the example email course campaign, including the welcome email, 5 email lessons, scarcity sequence, cross promotion campaign, "solo ad" campaign. My business partner paid over $10,000 to have me create this copy, which has generated $101,430 in sales so far.
  • Screen shots of my automation workflows for the email course and "Plinko Machine" automation
  • Audio and transcript from an interview I did on this topic (got great feedback on that appearance)
  • 60-minute video training where I dig into the "Plinko Machine" automation technique in more depth

1 Year, No-Hassle Guarantee

If this training doesn't show you how to write engaging emails that make more sales, you can send me an email any 

What's included?

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Main Course
01 - Behind the Scenes of a Six-Figure Email
395 MB
02 - 5 Learning Mistakes Email
161 KB
03 - Automation
1010 KB
04 - Plinko Machine
243 MB
05 - Email Courses with Josh
59.3 MB
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