I’m a copywriter, email marketer and programmer.

Email Copywriting Workshop

The Email Copywriting Workshop is an intense, 4-week training focused on giving you the skills and confidence to write entertaining, educational story-based emails that are a perfect fit for YOUR audience, YOUR business and YOUR voice. I'm designing this workshop to address the questions and concerns that I hear most often, like: Where do I get ideas for my emails? What do I say in my emails to keep my subscribers engaged—to keep them opening and reading my emails? How do I include a pitch in my emails without sounding sleazy or spammy? How do I come up with stories to use ? When is it appropriate to talk about myself in my emails—and how can I do that without coming across as self-centered and obnoxious?  How can I write emails that sound authentic? This will *not* be an "information dump."  There are lots of great books and courses out there about email copywriting approaches and email marketing tactics. I learned the hard way that more information actually got in the way and made it harder for me to write good emails. The focus of this workshop is simplifying the process so you can take immediate action and actually start to write better emails and make more sales. 
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Behind the Scenes of a Six-Figure Email Course

Here's What You Get The full, uncut recording of the the "Behind the Scenes of a Six-Figure Email Course" training (~2.25 hours) Full text transcript of the training for note-taking and reference Full copy from the example email course campaign, including the welcome email, 5 email lessons, scarcity sequence, cross promotion campaign, "solo ad" campaign. My business partner paid over $10,000 to have me create this copy, which has generated $101,430 in sales so far. Screen shots of my automation workflows for the email course and "Plinko Machine" automation Audio and transcript from an interview I did on this topic (got great feedback on that appearance) 60-minute video training where I dig into the "Plinko Machine" automation technique in more depth 1 Year, No-Hassle Guarantee If this training doesn't show you how to write engaging emails that make more sales, you can send me an email any 
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Copy Critique

In this "video copy critique" I'll go through a sales funnel, email campaign, sales page, etc. and show you what to do to improve your results. I record these in a screencast format, which you can review whenever is most convenient for you. In the review I'll typically go over both the what and why of my recommendations, so it ends up being a lot like a personalized copywriting tutoring session.
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